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 Generate interest with one-click investments in secure financial products

Full transparency on liquidity with automated cash pooling and monitoring

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New opportunities for your capital

This new high interest / high inflation environment forces CFOs to re-think Treasury and manage excess cash differently. We want to make it easy for you. Automate cash flows and make the most of your excess cash. Infinicash is an innovative treasury management platform built for startups and SMEs. Trust us to handle your excess cash while you focus on growing your business.

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Cash Management

Seamless integration across any EU Bank account with one overview page

  • Cash sweeping
  • Cash pooling
  • Limit alerts

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One-click investment according to your profile, automatic re-investment of excess cash

  • Invest in short term EU government bonds or overnight deposits
  • All bank deposits with our partner banks secured up to at least €10M

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Seamless integration across any SEPA Bank account with one overview page

  • Monitor your total liquidity over all bank accounts
  • Analyse incoming payments
  • Initiate internal and external payments
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Manage and grow your excess cash automatically with risk-free access to interest returns

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Use the power of Open Banking

Open banking and modern digital technology allow one-click investment in AAA government bonds and interest bearing bank accounts, as well as the ability to link any European bank account to ensure your money is diversified but visible from one location. We are closing the SME tech gap to bring treasury and cash pooling services to a previously underbanked sector.

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See what your monthly returns will be in risk free, secure, immediately accessible investments.



Onboard in minutes and access cash management, open banking, multiple accounts and government bonds


Save time & money

View your financial overviews, setup cash sweeps and see your idle cash grow.

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The Power of Balance: Why bank diversification is important

In a sign of the world’s optimism, diversification in financial terms is seen mostly in the positive sense: not putting all your cash in one investment class to make sure you lower your risk of losing everything.

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